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Organic Cotton Summer Outfit for Mamas

When it comes to buying clothing, the best thing you can do for the environment and your health is to choose clothing that is free of pesticides and is made from quality sustainable materials. Organic cotton is a wonderful natural fabric choice because it is produced without being sprayed with synthetic chemicals which can be imbedded in the fibers. Organic cotton is also beneficial because it uses less water than other fabrics, is softer and bottom line, a better product to wear in comparison to regular cotton or other synthetic fabrics. When you purchase clothing and fashion items that are made of organic cotton, you are protecting both your family at home and the environment as well!

Organic cotton may be more expensive than regular cotton or synthetic fabrics, but I have found that my organic clothing has lasted many years and it makes me feel good when I wear it because I know that is was grown ethically with the environment in mind and the health of people.

So, go organic if you can!

Below is a great example of a casual, pretty natural outfit for mamas. All of the fashion pieces consist of organic cotton, bamboo viscose, and recycled materials.

1 >> Short Sleeve Boxy V-neck Tee available at Blue Fly for $42

This relaxed fit tee is created from 100% organic cotton. The short cap sleeves and the V-neck make it feminine, and being a basic it is a great investment piece because this top will match practically everything in your closet! It also is a great choice to wear with your favorite necklace.

2 >> Vidorreta Jana Wedges available at for $44.99

These color block wedges utilize the natural material of rope to line the outside of the wedge, giving it a natural feel. They also have a natural rubber sole. The light lavender and rose pink shade work fabulously together.

3 >> Upstate Leather + Linen Handbag available at Rodale’s for $298

The handbag’s cream exterior is created from vintage recycled French textiles. The interior of the bag is lined with a fabric that is actually recycled painter’s drop cloths, can you believe it?! It is pretty incredible how recycled fabrics can be reinvented to create such a beautiful ecofriendly bag! The bag was Made in the USA, which means it was created to support the workers of the United States of America. The leather bottom and straps were sourced from locals in New York.

This bag will surely fit all of the essentials when you are on the go, your children’s toys, snacks, your phone, iPad and much more, making it a great option for the eco-conscious mamas!

4 >> FIG Clothing Ouadda Skirt available at for $42.99

Made of 64% bamboo viscose, 28% organic cotton, and 8% spandex, this gorgeous vibrant purple skirt is a great choice for summer. It is long, flowy, loose and drapes comfortably across the body, which makes it great for all mamas who are looking for comfort in their daily outfit.

5 >> Organic Lip Bloss in Sardinia Spirit available at Rodale’s for $15

Don’t forget to pack an organic lip gloss in your recycled handbag to moisten your lips throughout the day’s journey. This organic lip gloss offers a punch of color to your outfit while being made of all certified organic ingredients. A handy must have to have on you, especially when your lips are really dry. Choose from four options. We chose Sardinia Spirit a lovely shade of pink. As stated on Rodale’s website, “Sardinia Spirit elicits scenes of turquoise seas and white sandy beaches and stunning sunsets. This shimmery pink, fruity bloss is all about transforming your day into night with ease. Lightly scented and flavored with organic watermelon.” Sounds good to us!

As a mama, would you wear this outfit? What is your favorite piece? Let us know in the comments below!